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New German fashion line Harbor Yorkway stepping up men’s style game in the US

New German fashion line Harbor Yorkway stepping up men’s style game in the US

New German fashion line Harbor Yorkway by 33-year-old Sebastian Stratmann creates its waves into current American men fashion scene with its exclusively versatile, smart and comfy t-shirts.

Jan 30, 2018 – Men’s fashion scene in the USA is steadily passing through a revolution of late- courtesy the foray of new inspiring German fashion label Harbor Yorkway. Founded in 2017 by a super-creative 33-year-old Deutsche fashion expert Sebastian Stratmann, the new rising fashion line is aimed to redefine the regular casual t-shirt scene in North America with its exclusive versatile collections that can be donned anywhere- from beach strolling to red carpet events! Harbor Yorkway men tees are a unique blend of smart style and ultimate relaxation which is fast making it a favorite trend among American men.

“T-shirts should be ideally made to fit comfortably and this is exactly what Harbor Yorkway is aimed to do. My main focus with my maiden label is to keep things simple yet dapper so that you can slip into my tees easily and flaunt your unique style statement at its absolute best. It’s our exclusive design that helps us to stand out in the huge crowd of regular men’s t-shirts. We are happy with the pace we are progressing in the North American men fashion scene and we are looking forward to conquer many more hearts in near future”, said the promising fashion entrepreneur while speaking about his brand’s successful foray in the highly competitive US fashion scene.

“Whether you want to go for a beach holiday or on a date with that special someone or are planning a sports night with buddies or have an elite gathering to attend, our versatile tees are your one-stop pick.With us, you have the liberty to choose the specific design that you will love to have on your t-shirt. Such facilities are hardly available with regular t-shirt stores. We wish to make your Harbor Yorkway t-shirt one-of-a-kind and TRULY YOURS!” he added further.

Part of the uniqueness of Stratmann’s store lays in its allowance for users to deck up their Harbor Yorkway tees in their own exclusive styles. For those who lack the time to create their own tshirts at Stratmann’s store, there is an eclectic assortment of unique designs to choose from. The young German entrepreneur has come up with a bunch of cool designs, ranging from skulls to anchors to even NY skyline and many more. 

“We know it’s a busy world today and you may not have the time to select unique designs for all your Harbor Yorkway tees. And this is why we have come up with a grand mix of interesting designs to ensure trendiest t-shirt styles for you. We have got t-shirt designs for every man out there, regardless of age, profession and persona. We champion an urban bold style with boldly printed logos and cursive fonts to make you a sure-shot head turner the moment you step out of your home.”

For more information about Harbor Yorkway, please visit the official website or contact them below.

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